We are the UK’s largest independent owned group of media companies

Who we are

We are UK based company which is part of the largest independent owned group of media companies. Our aim is to make Market Leading products to aid in advertising purposes.

Our 1st product came after working with the US Banner Saver and Bannerflex arms for over a decade. They both worked at different wind speeds, the Banner Saver at high wind speeds and the bannerflex at low winds speeds. We designed a system combining the two to make the PERFECT wind releasing Bracket. We have our manufacturing unit based in India where we make our brackets.

We have already cornered the UK market with our Pro Banner Saver brackets also sold under Euro Chieftain Bracket (in US and Canada they are sold under the name of Patriot Brackets).

Our brackets are currently being used in 5 continents through various channels and we are in the process of diversifying into the North American and Australian markets.

Our Company Mission

Quality without Compromise with constant Innovations

Our Philosophy

Constantly Improve, Test, Design and Manufacture. Work with only the best products. Give Customers complete peace of mind.

Our Promise

We promise to Deliver only the BEST PRODUCT and deliver the best After Care and Support.

Product Design


Service / Warranty


Product Reliability


Banner Design / Artwork


Meet Our Team

Kaushal Shah

Mr. Shah established Prompt Media Ltd and Lamppost Brackets Ltd to provide the best quality products and raise revenue from under utilized spaces. He has grown the businesses and made in roads into both private and public sectors

Navmee Balgobin
Accounts Manager

Before joining Lamppost Brackets Ltd, Navmee worked for several international companies in Europe. She brings a wealth of experience to the accounts team.

Pro Banner Saver is the Most Advanced Wind Releasing Banner System

It has the best specs, features and quality compared to anything else on the market!

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