Pro Banner Saver

Pro Banner Saver

Pro Banner Saver System is the world’s most advanced and best performing retrofit banner bracket system for attaching banners light poles, flagpoles and walls. They out perform any other solution.

They utilise a spring tensioning system to keep banners in place during normal conditions and allow them to bend as wind speed increases. They also fully compliant with the International EN40 Regulation about maximum wind-load on any type of street-light signage.

The Patriot System is the best in class and OUT PERFORMS the Britten BannerSaver system and the Bannerflex D3 Airow System.

Brackets comprises off:
2 x Spring Wind Releasing Banner Bracket Assemblies
2 x Fiberglass detachable arms with protective sleeves
2 x Locking Pins

Movement base on wind speed

Pro Banner Saver is the Most Advanced Wind Releasing Banner System

It has the best specs, features and quality compared to anything else on the market!

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