Pro Banner Saver Overview

What’s Included

Pro BannerSaver System was created after working on both the standard BannerSaver system and Bannerflex system for several years and listening to our customers constant demand for a single solution for all their needs.

Designed to combine the HIGH wind releasing capabilities of the BannerSaver and the LOW wind releasing capabilities of the Airow. Creating the perfect bracket.

Reduce Inventory cost by eradicating the need to hold inventory of different sizes to meet the need for different sizes of banners

We have stuck to the original design of the Banner Saver but made several improvements to Increase Safety, including a different type of Spring, slider mechanism and safety pin along with several others.

Don’t be fooled by the look – Pro BannerSaver Bracket System which is all new and can therefore handle all banner size upto 26sq.ft.

2 x Spring Wind Releasing Banner Bracket Assemblies
2 x Fiberglass detachable arms with protective sleeves
2 x Locking Pins

Wind Tunnel Test

Pro BannerSaver brackets have been independently tested in a wind tunnel to prove their capabilities of reducing wind loading.
We detail the equipment used, testing method and results below:

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Testing carried on a single lamppost column with:

  • 2 Banners – 76cms x 203cms (3.08sq.m.)
  • 2 sets of Pro BannerSaver Brackets
  • Fixings

Methods & Apparatus used::

Distance traveled was recorded on two string pot sensors mounted on the test rig and were calibrated by wrapping the wire around two known diameters and calculating the circumference. Wind speed was provided by our test facility.

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Test Procedure

  • All tests were conducted by our test facility with specialist equipment for measuring wind loading vs deflection. The test was carried out with double banners on asingle lighting column.
  • Static conditions were recorded at commencement of test.
  • Wind tunnel started and base wind speed, force on banner pole, and deflection were recorded. Wind speeds were held for two minutes while increasing windspeed at 10mph increments.
  • Procedure repeated on fixed arm banner system for comparative measures and the results shown on graph on following page.
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Loading Results

Pro Banner Saver’s max loading of 63.42kgs @ 50mph (Based on 2 banners installed on one column total 3.08sq.m).

Bar chart


Linearity of the load cell is 0.57kgs max up to 63.42kgs. Load reduction starts occurring between 20 and 30mph. Wind force overcame the spring force of the system at the above speed, the BannerSaver bracket changed direction of the banner according to the direction of wind. The banner rotated to such a degree that at 70mph some of which started in a perpendicular position to the wind direction, billowed and turned, such that at over 70mph the middle of the banners were actually partially hidden behind the pole. This rotation was very significant in reducing the exposed area to the wind velocity and limiting the force to the pole.

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Calculated Reduction in Area

Calculated using A = F / 1/2pCdu2, where reduction in area % was calculated at 90mph or 144.84kmph.

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Load reduction starts at – 20 – 25mph. Reduction in Loading Area: 87.98%

This means that from a total banner area of 3.08sq.m the BannerSaver effectively reduced the wind load area to 0.4sq.m. When this is applied to a single banner installation of 1.54sq.m (760mm x 2030mm) conformity to EN40 is achieved by reducing the wind load area to 0.2sq.m (EN40 stipulates that a standard lighting column must be capable of taking the maximum wind loading exerted by a standard rigid road sign of 0.3sq.m).

Comparison with Banner Saver & Airow

Methods & Apparatus used:

Highest Wind Releasing Capabilities with 88% reduction compared to that of the standard Bannersaver at 87% and only 60% of the Airow.

Starts off loading wind at 20-25mph compared to 40mph of the Bannersaver. This causes a lot more stress on the column and banner and that has been the biggest reason for the success of our bracket and that of the Bannerflex.

Increased Safety features with the reinforced bracket, slider mechanism and split pin, which none of our competition have built into their brackets. This allows for the bracket to almost never fail and even if they do, they are unlikely to fall and cause damage.

Better method of manufacturing – we manufacture using Gravity Casting compared with Pressure casting, using up to 15% more aluminum making the bracket a lot stronger.

Longer Banner Life – we have achieved results of the highest banner life compared with the other manufacturers, due to wind spillage specs of our system.

Save on long term labor costs – Quick Release Pole – taking less than 5 minute to install or to dismantle a banner (not including setup), once the brackets have been installed. This feature is also offered by our competitors systems.

Max Wind Spill

Pro Banner Saver


Std Banner Saver




Loading Graph

Pro Banner Saver

Comparison Chart

D3 Airow, Banner Saver & Pro Banner Saver System Comparison Bannerflex Metro Airow Britten Banner Saver Pro Banner Saver
Build Quality
Spring tensioning system Blank Space Tick Tick
Reinforced with stainless steel Blank Space Blank Space Tick
Split pin to secure safety nut Blank Space Blank Space Tick
Casting method Pressure die cast Pressure die cast Gravity die cast
Max reduction in load 60% 87% 88%
Max Banner size 16sq.ft M-20 | L-23 | XL- 30sq.ft 26sq.ft
Variation required for different banner sizes 2- Standard / Metro 4-S | M | L |XL One bracket fits all sizes
Wind speed required to start reducing loading 15mph 40mph 20mph
Detachable pole X Blank Space Blank Space

Pro Banner Saver is the Most Advanced Wind Releasing Banner System

It has the best specs, features and quality compared to anything else on the market!

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